World Postmenopause Day

Women Aging Well designates October 19th as World Postmenopause Day. This day is an opportunity for postmenopausal women to honor themselves. It's a reminder to reflect on our lives, live intentionally, and continue to grow in wisdom as we age.


Ways to celebrate:

  • Wear the color yellow which signifies your inner light
  • Reflect on your and be mindful of the moment.
  • Plant a seed to represent your continual growth as you age. A seed is small but full of possibilities.  Perhaps you plant a seed of growth, a seed of love a seed of love, or something else that speaks to you.
  • Share on social media ways that we are strong, active women aging wll.  Use and follow hashtag #WorldPostmenopauseDay to build community.



World Menopause Day is October 19th