New Pathways to Holistic Health

Postmenopausal women have unique healthcare needs that are often not addressed by conventional medicine.

This group of women, starting around age 50 and extending through the rest of a woman’s life – strive to live a vital and productive lives. As aging women we need to engage in self advocacy to reach optimal health. Through the lens of Integrative medicine the new book Beyond Menopause: Pathways
to Holistic Healing
introduces women to a wide array of holistic health systems and healing options.

Carolyn Torkelson

Welcome, I'm Carolyn.

Since my retirement from clinical practice at The University of Minnesota Women's Health Clinic, I have been writing a book for postmenopausal women and consulting on women's health issues. My inspiration comes directly from the many women I’ve seen and listened to throughout 30 years of clinical practice. Women have encouraged me to share their stories from a holistic perspective, one that touches on all aspects of well-being.

Now, in the early phase of retirement from clinical practice, I am quieting my mind to recall their voices and listen to my inner voice, and to intertwine their stories and mine into a narrative that speaks to the heart of women.

Carolyn Torkelson, MD

Beyond Menopause Book

Beyond Menopause: New Pathways to Holistic Health

The book brings to light the unique healthcare needs of postmenopausal women. It bridges the gap between conventional medicine and other integrative approaches. Eight common health conditions are highlighted using clinical vignettes to illustrate how individual women explore pathways to better health.

Beyond Menopause brings a fresh perspective to the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of holistic living. From the distinct vantage points of medicine and neuroscience, the authors guide women toward new pathways to optimal health and well-being.

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Co-Authors: Carolyn Torkelson MD and Catherine Marienau, PhD

Carolyn Torkelson MD Adjunct Associate Professor, U of MN writes and consults on women's health issues.

Catherine Marienau PhD Professor Emerita, DePaul University and co-host of the weekly podcast 'Women Over 70: Aging Reimagined' at

Carolyn Torkelson MD and Catherine Marienau PhD

"Beyond Menopause is a woman’s journey into her body-mind-spirit wholeness at a time of life when there is great change and transformation. It provides a road map with tools and guidance to navigate through the whole self, using aspects of functional medicine, integrative care, and energy medicine techniques. An empowering guide for women to feel fully embodied, energized, and enlightened!"

DEANNA MINICH, PhD Nutrition scientist, educator, and author of Whole Detox

"As it turns out, menopause has the potential to be a gateway into an exciting and fulfilling phase of life…but only if we pay attention to the very things outlined in this wonderful book—the health of our minds, bodies, and spirits. We are not designed to disintegrate after the age of 50. We are meant to flourish. Beyond Menopause lays out the blueprint."

CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, MD. New York Times bestselling author of The Wisdom of Menopause


Through story, clinical pearls, and practical advice, Beyond Menopause is an invaluable resource for all women patients and clinicians alike. This beautiful collaborative work should be essential for any woman’s library. Inspiring, honest, and full of wisdom, you will find yourself referencing it again and again.

TABATHA PARKER, ND Executive Director, Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

Guide to Healthy Aging for Women


Restoration help replenish and balance your energy. Getting 7–8 hours of restful sleep every night is primary. Beyond sleep, other restorative practices signal the body to find its inner calm. 


Nutrition and digestion feed the gut-brain health. Eating whole foods is the best way to improve health and prevent disease. Good nutrition stabilizes metabolic function, reduces inflammation, and supports the immune system.


Movement and exercise feed your body-brain health, nurture your vitality and build self-confidence. They are powerful tools to increase your energy flow, improve your balance, support your bones, and maintain good posture.


Emotional well-being centers on nurturing your emotional and mental health, being aware of your feelings and emotions, and able to manage and express them. A positive sense of well-being enables you to meet the demands of everyday life.


Connection empowers your social self. As relational beings, women especially value friendships. It is in community where you can know yourself more fully, extend care and kindness to others, and foster your curiosity outside of yourself.

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